Privacy Policy

We care about the privacy of your data and we need it to make your experience on the PEI exChange as enriching and useful as possible.

Given the PEI’s strong commitment to transparency, we want to clearly communicate how the PEI exChange will use your data.

How the PEI exChange will use your data

1. To match you with relevant people and projects

2. To personalise your experience by sending or showing you more relevant content

3. We will analyse all the PEI exChange’s behavioural data to improve the platform and give you a better user experience

What you will get in exChange

1. A completely free platform that helps you to meet the right people and take your project to the next level

2. Access to an engaged community of change makers and innovators on the continent

3. Smart reminders and communications that keep you up-to-date with your notifications and messages

4. A fully encrypted chat function that does not allow anyone -even the PEI- to access your messages